Sunday, 25 March 2012

New, NEW and (hopefully) for the last time, a new home

So, we moved. Again. Why? er...well I managed to forget the password to this blog. Then I remembered it, but by then we had already made the move.

So. It's not exactly "The Lady Sails" anymore. But at the moment the website is run by and almost exclusively features its members (we hope to expand our featured artists in the near future). We have 2 albums (Charlie Furber - s/t, Aveugltz - Disguisiest) and one EP (The Small Margins - EP 1) available as free downloads. You can also purchase a copy of Hugh Smith's Some Songs by sending us an email (

Sunday, 6 December 2009

Aveuglez remixes

The Lady Sails' first cousin once removed, Mr Aveuglez, has just remixed Witches and Questions/Good Books. Check it out on youtube.

Tuesday, 29 September 2009


We'll be playing a gig on the 1st October at the Miller (a pub near London Bridge). We'll be playing alongside the ludicrously/terrifyingly professional Dobi Kwe, the misleadingly titled Neon Pop Orchestra (I imagined them to be some new rave band but they're not) and the 'impossible-to-find-any-information-about-them-via-google' Sabotage UK. Anyway, it should be fun, probably because no one will turn up. We also have about 40 awesome individually designed CDs to sell/give away/haggle for. l

Wednesday, 9 September 2009

The Fallada Project

'these cards he wasn't going to send to particular, he wanted to leave them lying...leave them to their fate, without any control over who picked them up, where they might be trampeled underfoot , torn up...' Hanz Fallada

We decided that the next logical step in giving out free music is to give out free physical copies of the album. Already around 100 or so albums have been dangeled from trees, bridges, and sculptures on the southbank. More should arrive in the next few days.

(Also, hello and thank you to anyone who was inquisitive enough to pick up the copies we left lying around. Cheers.)

Sunday, 6 September 2009

General News

We are also releasing an EP of random B sides that for one reason or another never made it onto the album. So watch out.

Some videos might also be surfacing in the next few weeks.

And we now appear on google search. Although most of that is related to sailing and not us.

Saturday, 5 September 2009

Album Release

Well, since last fm has decided that it can't allow us to upload our new (or old) album on their website we have had to move our online headquarters to this fantastic new blog. This is now the official home of all Lady Sails, TWR and YA2 records business.

In brief we have a new album. It's self titled. It has 12 songs. They vary in length and tone. Hugh sings and guitars. Charlie hits drums, cups and sings. Kimmy guitars. Alex makes noises in a corner. Nick plays killer guitar, bass and piano parts.

New album - The Lady Sails

And in case anyone still wants it, the old album. - Unplanned Days